International Agreements

Types of International Agreements

Learn more about the different types of agreements, as well as requirements and recommendations for each category. 

Steps to Formalizing an International Agreement

Step 1

Negotiate activity with International Partner and receive approval from appropriate GU unit.

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Step 2

Complete the International Agreement Intent Form (OGS will respond with a framework within 2 business days).

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Step 3

Insert language into the framework, send to partner for their changes (timeline depends on partner review).

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Step 4

Send to OGS for review. If partner has substantive changes, we may need to go back to them to negotiate.

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Step 5

Once parties are in agreement, department fills out the agreement transmittal form for review by Tax, General Counsel, OGS, Risk Management, and HR.

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Step 6

Send for signature to David Green.

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Step 7

Secure other GU signatures if applicable, send 2 copies to partner for signature.

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Step 8

Partner sends back one copy. Agreement copy is retained by the department, and a scanned copy is submitted to OGS for Georgetown archiving.

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