Student Exchange and Study Abroad Agreements

Student Exchange Agreement: an agreement between the University and a partner  institution to allow students to pursue a for-credit semester or year at the partner institution.  Students pay tuition and fees to the home institution.  The number of students exchanged is based on a ratio established when the agreement is negotiated and will be balanced within two years.

Study Abroad/Provider Agreement: an agreement between Georgetown and a partner institution or a study abroad provider which allows Georgetown students to study abroad on the partner or provider’s study abroad program.

Requirements and Recommendations for Student Exchange/Study Abroad:

  • Academically rigorous coursework at a properly accredited institution
  • Incoming and outgoing students must meet the host institution’s language requirements.
  • There must be sufficient student demand to sustain a partnership
  • Compatibility of academic calendars
  • Safe environment for studies and other activities
  • Opportunities to study in a region or country or a field of study not sufficiently served by other exchanges or study abroad programs.
  • Balanced exchange ratio with sufficient tuition and fees from outgoing students to cover incoming students