Joint and Dual Degrees

Joint Degree: An agreement where the academic program is offered jointly by the partner institutions. One diploma is issued representing the coursework at both institutions.

Dual Degree: An agreement where the student is awarded degrees from both institutions. The student fulfills the required course work of each institution’s degree.

Requirements and Recommendations for Joint/Dual Degrees:

  • General terms including the initial duration of program, the accreditation status of both partners, justification for the program, and proper approval through the school, graduate school, and appropriate Executive Committee(s)
  • Application and admission process including deadlines and academic criteria for acceptance program.
  • Curriculum/program structure including the student timeline/degree track, credit hours, transfer credit policy, courses or course equivalencies, language of instruction, and any requirements beyond standard coursework (internship, thesis, etc.)
  • Minimum and maximum student participation numbers, student conduct, and disciplinary process, and student responsibilities
  • Program administration including program coordination, funding, fee structure, student advising and support, marketing responsibilities, program benchmarks and assessment, and provisions for early termination of program and disposition of students