MOU Process and Guidelines

An MOU is a non-binding agreement that simply establishes an institutional relationship for future collaboration. While the MOU can outline the types of collaboration the institutions may pursue, it does not govern the specific activity. Agreements which outline a specific type of collaboration will be written as supplemental to the MOU, but are not governed by the MOU. Institutional MOUs are not required in order to develop an agreement outlining a specific activity. They are usually drafted when there are multiple activity agreements with a given institution. Departmental or school-wide MOUs may be drafted if the department/school is exploring a number of collaborations, but the activities will not extend to the entire university. While Georgetown does not require an MOU to develop an agreement outlining a specific activity,  it may be required by the partner institution before entering into an activity agreement.

*While MOUs do not have to go through the full review process, please send any drafts or templates from partners to OGS for review as they could include obligations better outlined in an activity agreement.