Identifying an International Partner

Click through the sections below for guidelines to consider while identifying an international partner.

1. Reputation & Accreditation

Reputation & Accreditation

  • Does the university abroad meet the required accreditation standards?
  • What is the university’s reputation in the home country and abroad?

2. Institutional History

  • Do we currently have a partnership with the institution?
  • Have we had a partnership with this institution in the past?
  • If the partnership ended, what were the terms behind the cancellation?
  • Do we have faculty/staff linked to the institution?

3. Financial Implications

  • If this is an exchange, how is it financially reconciled?
  • Do I understand my department’s requirement for accounting for exchanges?
  • Is there a chance that the university will lose money?

4. Suitability & Sustainability

  • Will the partnership be of mutual interest?
  • What population (faculty, students, staff) will this partnership serve?
  • Is it mutually beneficial?
  • What is the availability of support (faculty/administrative/student) resources at the overseas institution (and Georgetown if appropriate)?
  • Does the partnership fulfill a curricular need?
  • Does the partnership conflict with current academic offerings and/or existing partners in the same location?
  • Does the partnership have expansion potential?
  • Will the partnership endure?

5. University Support for Partnership

  • Has the appropriate department or deans’ office approved this proposal?
  • Is the department/school’s finance office involved?
  • If undergraduate, has this been approved by the Program and Policy Committee?

6. Evaluation & Renewal

  • Has an initial site visit been conducted (if necessary)?
  • What is the plan for program evaluation after the pilot year?