New Online International Travel Orientation

March 27, 2019

This week, the Office of Global Services released a brand new online International Travel Orientation accessible via Canvas. The site provides access to four online modules containing important information and resources to help students, faculty, and staff prepare for a safe journey and to address health, safety, and security concerns that may arise while traveling and is accessible to anyone with a GU NetID.

The modules cover the following topics:

  • Module 1: Safety and Security Abroad – Strengthen your knowledge in order to travel safely.
  • Module 2: Health and Wellness Abroad – Get tips on how to stay healthy while traveling.
  • Module 3: Health Insurance – Understand how to access international health insurance benefits.
  • Module 4: International SOS – Learn the ins and outs of ISOS, Georgetown’s international emergency medical assistance and security services provider.

The orientation is now included in the International Travel Authorization Process. Students must indicate that they have completed the modules in order to submit their application. The Group Leader must indicate that they understand they are responsible for disseminating the Canvas link to program participants and for working with the Office of Global Service to ensure that every participant completes the orientation. Group Leaders should also arrange a program-specific orientation for the group prior to departure.  The Office of Global Services is available to assist with planning and/or conducting the program-specific orientation upon request.