In addition to participating in the formal review process of international agreements, Global Program Support Services (GPS) provides advice and assistance at every step in the process. Reaching out early to learn about relevant university policies and approved negotiation frameworks can expedite formal review.

Download PDF of example here.

Process Outline

1. Administrators, faculty and staff seeking support on topics ranging from policies and frameworks to best practices in negotiating should contact GPS with queries via this form. A team member will be in touch with you within 48 hours of submission.

2. Once you insert activity-specific language into the framework and receive feedback from the international partner, GPS can review and consult with the Office of the General Counsel if there are changes to the legal language of the agreement.

3. Once all parties are in agreement, submit the final draft through the required international agreements review process. Under the new Policy on Review of International Agreements (effective July 1, 2015), all university agreements with non-U.S. entities, including governments, educational institutions, businesses, and non-profit organizations must go through a review before signature. For more information on the policy, please click here.

4. Have two copies of the agreement signed by the correct signatories (GPS can assist in identifying GU signatories) at GU and the partner.

5. Once fully executed, send a PDF of the agreement to GPS for archiving.