Groups of students traveling overseas for university-related or sponsored international experiences must identify a group leader.  The group leader should be traveling abroad with the group and be on-site throughout the program. The group leader should complete the International Travel Authorization Application at least 4 weeks prior to departure (link at bottom of page).

How to Identify Your Group Leader

Undergraduate student groups:  The University’s International Travel Policy stipulates that all undergraduate student groups must have a GU faculty or staff member as the group leader.  

Graduate student groups:

  • Organized by GU faculty or staff: GU faculty or staff member is the group leader.
  • Organized by graduate student(s): One of the participants should be designated as the group leader.  
  • Organized by graduate student(s) with participating GU faculty or staff member: The GU faculty or staff member participating in the group travel should be designated as the group leader.

Note to Program Administrators

If the group leader is a designated person within the on-site organization, you should complete the International Travel Authorization application on their behalf.

International Travel Authorization Application Instructions

Application Preview

If you are partnering with an organization, please have the organization complete the program vetting guidelines

Please allow at least two weeks for the review process. Groups who are going abroad to a country or region deemed high risk by the US Department of State's Travel Advisory System should expect an additional 1-2 weeks for the application to undergo further review for approval by the Provost's Office, EVP or designee.

The review committee will contact you via email should additional information be required. The final decision will be sent to your Georgetown email account. After your travel has been approved, you will receive an email with instructions and links to additional forms and requirements you must complete before departure. 

Start Travel Authorization Process

Optional Forms for Your Group


  A health form for international travelers

Health Form


  Conditions of Participation Form 

Conditions of Participation

Timeline for Review and Approval*

Step 1

Group Leader submits documents for review

At least 4 weeks prior to departure

Step 2

OGS does preliminary review and sends on to Travel Committee

Within 48 hours of receiving application

Step 3

Travel Committee Reviews Application

Allow 1-2 weeks

Step 4

Provost/EVP Approval
(for Travel Advisory high risk locations only)

Allow extra 1-2 Weeks

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In addition to guiding you and your group through the travel authorization process, the Office of Global Services can:

  • Provide guidance on identifying and following applicable university policies, such as the university’s International Travel Policy and Infectious Diseases Policy.
  • Assist in setting criteria for programs
  • Give a sample application form that faculty can customize for each program
  • Guide faculty through setting up on-site logistical matters (student lodging, meals, itinerary, transportation, classroom space)
  • Give advice on negotiating a contract for use of facilities if working with an overseas institution or company
  • Assist in purchasing Overseas Insurance coverage for faculty and students
  • Advise about International SOS Coverage
  • Create and collect mandatory forms from your students (assumption of risk, conditions of participation, health information form)
  • Provide faculty training workshop and handbook along with country-specific information and regulations
  • Advise on and attend student orientation
  • Collect student roster, itinerary, emergency contact information for all students

Contact a member of the GPS team for more assistance with organizing and authorizing group travel.