Graduate Students

Due to the continuing impact of the pandemic on global travel, the University has implemented a COVID-19 Travel Policy for University-related travel for students, faculty, and staff. The COVID-19 Travel Policy is supplemental to the institutional International Travel Policy.

Graduate students who intend to travel overseas independently for university-related or sponsored international experiences should complete the International Travel Authorization process starting with the application link below.

Please note that the International Travel Authorization Application has several questionnaires and electronic signature documents to complete. Once itinerary and initial travel information has been submitted, an automated email will be sent to you with the application link should you need to save your progress and resume your application submission at a different time.

International Travel Authorization Applications will not be processed until all questionnaires and electronic signature documents have been successfully completed. Upon completion, an email will be sent confirming OGS receipt of submission.

Students who are traveling to an Elevated Risk Region should plan for additional review time.

For an approximate timeline for review please refer to the step-by-step process guide below. 

Law Center students will go through a separate process for travel approval. Please contact Georgetown Law’s Office of Transnational Programs for more information.

Graduate Students Traveling in Groups

Graduate students traveling in groups should complete a group travel authorization application instead of an individual travel authorization application

Step-by-Step Process Guide

Step 1

Traveler completes International Travel Authorization Application


At least 4 weeks prior to departure

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Step 2

OGS confirms receipt of submission and reviews International Travel Authorization Application for completeness


Within 1 week of receiving application

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Step 3

(Elevated Risk Regions only)

OGS sends International Travel Authorization Application to Travel Review Committee (TRC);
TRC reviews International Travel Authorization Application


Allow 1-2 weeks

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Step 4

(Elevated Risk Regions only)

Provost’s Office, EVP or Designee reviews International Travel Authorization Application


Allow extra 1-2 weeks

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Step 5

OGS notifies traveler of International Travel Authorization Application decision
and provides travel safety resources


Non-Elevated Risk Regions: Immediately following OGS application review for completeness

Elevated Risk Regions: Within 2 business days of receiving application decision from TRC and Provost/EVP

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