Frequently Asked Questions

Do Memoranda of Understanding fall under the policy on review of international agreements? 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) generally refers to a non-binding agreement that establishes an institutional relationship for future collaboration.  Such an MOU may mention particular activities governed by other agreements, but does not create any financial or other obligations. MOUs that fit this definition are not subject to the policy on review of international agreements. Agreements that are labeled MOUs but create financial or other obligations are subject to review.

What other kinds of agreements fall under the review policy?

A non-exhaustive list includes: student and faculty exchange programs, study abroad provider agreements, joint degree and dual degree programs.   

Who can initiate an agreement on behalf of the University?

Only Georgetown faculty and administrators can initiate agreements. 

How long does the agreement negotiation and review process take?

This depends on the issue and the partner. OGS can offer support during the negotiation process, going over successive agreement drafts and providing input on university policies and frameworks in a timely manner. We recommend starting the process 4-6 months before the intended start date of the activity.  Queries submitted through the online form will be responded to within 48 hours.

When should the university’s formal agreement review process be initiated?

Agreements should be submitted for formal review once negotiations with international partners have been concluded and the necessary academic and financial approvals have been secured. The Office of Global Services can provide advice and assistance on relevant university policies and agreement frameworks during the negotiation process. Careful preparation at an early stage can facilitate a smooth formal review process.

What is the duration of agreements and how can they be renewed?

Georgetown does not negotiate open-ended, non-expiring agreements. For MOUs the duration is often five years, with the possibility of renewal.

How can I terminate an agreement?

In general, at the end of the negotiated term, an agreement can be terminated without further notification to the partner. If either party would like to terminate the activity before the term is up, there is often provision to do with a written notification.

Who signs the agreements?

The proper level of university signatory will vary depending on the type of agreement. OGS can provide more information on best practices.

Liz Greenfeld
Assistant Director for Partnerships and Agreements
Office of Global Services