Steps to Formalizing an International Agreement

Step 1

Negotiate activity with International Partner and receive approval from appropriate GU unit.


Step 2

Complete the International Agreement Intent Form (OGS will respond with a framework within 2 business days).


Step 3

Insert language into the framework, send to partner for their changes (timeline depends on partner review).


Step 4

Send to OGS for review. If partner has substantive changes, we may need to go back to them to negotiate.


Step 5

Once parties are in agreement, department fills out the agreement transmittal form for review by Tax, General Counsel, OGS, Risk Management, and HR.


Step 6

Send for signature to David Green.


Step 7

Secure other GU signatures if applicable, send 2 copies to partner for signature.


Step 8

Partner sends back one copy. It is retained by the department, scanned copy goes to OGS for archiving.

Types of International Agreements

Learn more about the different types of agreements, as well as requirements and recommendations for each category. 

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